Computers I Used To Own


In my long career of being a professional nerd, I’ve had lots of different computers.  Some fast, most slow, all of them very memorable.



TRS-80 from Radio Shack




I’ll upload more pics soon.


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How To Set Up Your Home Wireless Internet


If  there is one questions that all of my friends ask me, it is how to get wireless internet in their home.

Is there an extra charge from my internet provider?

Is it hard?

Is there harmful radiation?

The answer to all of these questions is “No”.  Although some internet providers do add fees to those that don’t understand.  This video explains how to do this pretty well.  I.T. Mommy approved!

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What Has Changed Recently With Businesses?


Services You Can Get From The Technicians In Plumbing Systems

The services of the plumbing companies can very well meet the needs of both commercial and residential homes. In the field of plumbing, their employees are already trained, experienced and licensed as well. No matter how big the issue is, they can complete your needs in plumbing and your requirements in plumbing right away. In any home, their plumbing system can somehow malfunction too. Anything can go wring especially if it was not installed properly initially. A small problem can become a huge one if there is no proper maintenance and care done for it. As soon as the plumbers are able to detect he problem, they can fix it immediately.

Below are some of the common services you can get out from the professionals.

Simple Plumbing Repairs

Plumbers can carry out the tasks such as repair, maintenance and even complete replacement of the pipes. In a breeze, they can perform tasks like faucet leaks, rusty junctures, pipes, broken water lines and many more to mention. They can handle backflows, low water pressure and even garbage disposals. If you were able to hire a really good plumber, they can fix any plumbing fixtures without damaging your property. It would be as if they were never there.

Water Heaters

These companies are also offering services for your water heating system such as installations and replacements. In terms of changing the heating system of your home, they can also offer you their knowledge and expertise about it. they offer their best knowledge and skills to give you the best service when it comes to water heater repairs and installations and everything in between. The professionals have the ability to install all kinds of water heaters like tankless water heaters, point of use models, under the sink to the large commercial models for buildings and apartments.

Drain Cleaning

When it comes to plumbing, the most important aspect to pay attention to is the drains. It is the most important plumbing aspect of a house. This area is easy to malfunction at a moment’s notice. Because of oil, sludge, dust particles, food items, mud and even soaps and other materials, it can become blocked immediately. If the drain has a huge obstruction in it, it can cause tremendous problems that even the plumbers might difficult but not impossible to fix. When it comes to this issue, it’s a good thing that this problem can be fixed by plumbers. The plumber can fix your dryer vents, yards, washing machines, kitchen sinks, main sewer lines and open bath tubs. They can repair them all. Video camera inspections are also used as a technique to determine where the site of the problem is. This will help them detect the site location.
Learning The Secrets About Professionals
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The Art of Mastering Services


How You Can Hire The Finest Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air conditioners have played a vital purpose in making sure that our home is a comfortable place even though summer season sets in. Being able to maintain a relative constant humidity and temperature in your house through the changes of season isn’t just vital to be comfortable but at the same time, to protect your house because the sudden changes in humidity and temperature could cause the wood furniture and hardwood flooring to contract and expands leaving gaps between.

Because of the reason that air conditioning is important in enjoying comfortable and constant temperature, it is necessary that you hire professional air conditioning repair service.

You could not just trust any repair man or company to come to your house with regards to repairing your AC unit. Basically, what you want is a real expert who can work with your system and make sure that it operates smoothly for long period of time.

With this being said, you might be wondering on how to find the best air conditioning repair company? Keep on reading as I have listed some ways to make this process less of a challenge for you.

Tip #1: Ask for their certifications and training – once the training of air conditioning experts are done, they can apply for different types of certifications. Knowing the certifications and type of training they have will help you get a good insight to whether they are a nice pick or not.

Tip #2: Know if the service provider works with your ACs brand – different approach is necessary to deliver the best repair services as not all air conditioner brands have the same specifications.

Tip #3: Ask if the employee who’s working in your home has undergone background checks – you want to be certain that the technician who will come into your house is trustworthy and won’t bring harm to your unit. Also, it is going to be a big help if the technician is wearing uniform so by that, you know that he is working for the company you’ve called in.

Tip #4: Always ask for a written quotation of the service and that there’s a warranty provided – to be able to avoid paying hidden charges that are not included in the initial contract, always make sure that you will be given with a quotation that is in written format. On the other hand, the warranty shows that the service provider and their technician stands behind the job they have performed.

To ensure that your unit would be maintained and repaired professionally, always follow these tips when looking for air conditioning repair service.
6 Facts About Services Everyone Thinks Are True
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Getting To The Point – Companies


How Can You Find The Best Plumbing Services Offered By The Best Plumbing Technicians?

If you are looking for the best commercial and residential services, all you have to do is to approach the plumbing companies. If you are looking for a good plumbing service, you need to consider hiring the best plumbing company that has licensed and certified technicians. If you don’t know how to complete the plumbing requirements needed, then you must consider the suggestions of these experts. If you have a plumbing system at home, you have to know that mistakes are bound to happened. Examples of this are failure in their sever system to leakage. You must avoid lack of care and maintenance with your plumbing system. One of the reasons for this is to make things easier to manage. It is also important that you don’t neglect the plumbing systems, especially if it gets worse. It is best to choose a plumber that knows how to determine the root of the problem and how to solve it.

Plumbers offer different kinds of services, which is why you need to read and know them in this article.

First and foremost, you must know the different kinds of plumbing repairs offered. If you choose a good plumber, you can have someone to fix all kinds of problems for your plumbing system, such as replacing pipes, repairing and maintaining the systems. Another good reason why you need to choose a plumber for your plumbing system is for you to have someone who can repair all blackflow, broken or damaged water lines, low water pressure, pipes, garbage disposals, rusty junctures, sever repairing, commode repair faucet leaks and more. Another good thing is that if you need to have someone to install plumbing fixtures without destroying the property, then you can hire a good plumber.

If you want to install a water heater, you just need to approach the plumbers. There are also other people who like to replace and install their water heating systems, which I why they need the help of these plumbers. You also need the expertise of plumbers in analyzing and evaluating your needs. Another benefit of hiring plumbers is that you can have some to give you advices regarding replacement, tank less, tank and repair. If you are looking for a plumber who can install and repair your water heater, then you need to consider a plumber that knows all the knowledge and has all the skills in doing it. Another good thing about this plumbers is that they can also install all kinds of water heaters. Plumbers install water heaters of different kinds, from commercial models, high efficiency water heaters that are tankless, point of use models to under sink, depending on the needs of the building.

If you are in need of drain cleaning, then it is best to look for the best plumber out there. Drain cleaning is one of the most important tasks plumbers should do which is in need of attention.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Options
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Case Study: My Experience With Businesses


Are You in Need of HVAC Services?

When you have a property, then you know very well that this is really not easy to maintain. Maintaining your property is also very important and you should not neglect it in order not to compromise its durability and efficiency. You will be able to find some things quite tiring as well as stressful if you have a really busy schedule.

In this kind of situation, then it is best that you get the help of a reliable company. When it comes to looking for companies that provide property management services, you will be able to find so many companies. Some offer these services together with the HVAC services. This is also a very important thing that you will require for the building as well. Thus, you must look for a company that can really guide you and help you with such services you need.

For this reason, you need to go for these services. You will be able to find a reliable company which offers you various services. A property maintenance company can take care of the entire property without giving you worries and hassles. The company can offer you the services that you require for commercial and residential properties. You will get the help you need from the company whatever is your requirement.

When you are looking for a tenant or when you are searching for services, then you will surely find a company that will be able to help you on this matter. A reputable HVAC maintenance company is well-known for their experienced professionals that provide efficient services. Also, they will be able to help with the installation and also the repair and the effective maintenance of your property’s HVAC. When you would like to hire these service, then you must not worry about this.

If you have a company that you can depend on, then you can have that fantastic solution for the entire building as well as property requirements. Whether it is about the maintenance or another form of services that you require, then you can depend on them to provide you with the needed services. They know the rules and laws so well.

You can get the solutions that you need to maintain your HVAC with a good property maintenance company. They can also provide detailed maintenance reports as well. The company has an in-house team which can offer the best solution. With this, you will be able to guarantee that the building is maintained in its best standard. Different kinds of HVAC services are offered by the company and they provide fantastic quality. Moreover, you can depend on them that they will adhere to the standards so that you will get the best outcome.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Heating? This May Help
3 Businesses Tips from Someone With Experience

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Why No One Talks About Services Anymore


Finding an HVAC Company for Your Needs

Your HVAC system is among the most important systems you will find in your home. Of course, you can get by with a space heater or box fan sometimes, but for most of the year, this will not be an option simply because it’s not efficient enough. The problem is how do you maintain your HVAC if you are not knowledgeable about it in the first place? Well, not a very hard question. Just get yourself HVAC maintenance guys you can trust.

The good news is most HVAC installation companies do provide maintenance services which you will certainly do well considering. An HVAC maintenance plan will usually include scheduled service and maintenance appointments twice a year, more prompt services during emergencies, and lower repair costs. But how can you tell a good HVAC service provider from a not-so-good one, if you bought your system from another company or a company that has shut down?

If you’re scouting for an HVAC maintenance service that you can truly depend on, there are a few things you should consider.

They should be compliant with all state as well as local codes and regulations, for example, and have insurance covering both the business and the workers. They should be prompt and respectful when coming for a visit. They must know the system you’re using to ensure they come with all the necessary tools or equipment.

Another point to consider is that quality HVAC service providers are always up-to-date when it comes to industry developments. This is to ensure that they are better equipped to apply the most recent and effective measures. Of course, they should also be attentive to your needs, being a customer.

If you’ve got some drafty rooms in your house but they seem to be the least bit concerned, then you certainly have a problem with this company. A good HVAC maintenance team will always help you find a solution any indoor air pollution or any other problem that might be contributing to your air conditioning issues. That means they have to prove that they do actually care for your system, so you can get good returns from your investment.

Finally, select an HVAC service that truly cares about mother earth. As you may know, refrigerants used in air conditioning and heat pumps have been associated with ozone destruction. An environment-friendly HVAC company is aware of this and will not allow refrigerants to escape into the atmosphere; instead, they will take all the necessary steps to be able handle it as responsibly as possible.

Before you decide to hire an HVAC company, make sure you have asked them about their training, what their plan inclusions are, how they approach problems, and the ways they dispose of refrigerants and other similar items. If the answers you get are not satisfying enough, then check out another prospect.
A 10-Point Plan for Installations (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Heating

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Getting Down To Basics with Experts


Heating and Cooling Unit Maintenance – 5 Tips To Follow

Maintenance for heating and cooling units are sometimes rocket science to some people. Ideally, professionals will take a look at them twice a year. Before the fall season arrives, there should be one inspection done, then another before the spring season comes. This is important because it will help you keep your units in good working condition. During the inspection, if there are seen damages, the technician can work on it right away.

When it comes to making sure that the heating units and the air conditioning units are working, there are so many things the technician and you can inspect on. Some homeowners can do them all by themselves but it is recommended to have the professionals take a look at them instead. By having the inspection, this will make sure that the systems are going to operate properly throughout the season. Below are some of the tips that you can do and the air conditioning services will be doing as well.

Listen to the AC units. If you think that it sound different in a bad way, switch it off right away and call the air conditioning services as soon as possible. A technician will take a look at the condition of the unit. They will examine and find out what the matter is.

Look at the unit once in a while. Inspect visually the condition of the ac unit at least once a month and possible more if you can. Does it produce any smoke? Does it produce any spark? Check the components is they are clean or rusty. The wirings should not be frayed as well. Make sure that the parts are all intact and complete. The ac unit should be dust free and clean. There shouldn’t be any dirt or debris. If it is too dirty, make sure that the unit is cleaned thoroughly. Using vacuum cleaners are recommended by many.

Make sure to touch your AC unit. One way of inspecting it is making sure that all nuts, bolts, knobs and controls are secured firmly on the unit. Turning the knob should be easy. You shouldn’t be exerting more effort that much. If the unit is too hot to touch, there might be something wrong with it. If it does, call the technician. You just might have a fire hazard there.

Clean the filters. Make sure that the filters are inspected, cleaned and replaced as needed. If the filters are all clogged and plugged, the ac unit will not cool right away. If neglected, this will cause more issues. It’s quite easy to clean the filters. It’s easy to change them. If broken, replace them right away.

Following the pipes is important. Make sure to look at the ductwork every now and then. Leaks should be absent. Running your finger along its length can be done to check.
Interesting Research on Experts – What You Didn’t Know
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Options – Getting Started & Next Steps


How Many Times Should You Obtain HVAC Services?

Heating Units

The oil-fired furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps necessitate maintenance at least once a year while the cleaner functional gas fired equipment needs a checkup once every two years. But in every single case, an HVAC service company will examine all of the dirty filters, soot, rust, leaks and disintegrated electrical contacts, cleaning and restoring the parts that can still be restored. Efficient hot water boiler and air units, the professional technician will have to examine the radiators or registers, pumps of blowers, pipes or ductwork as well as the oil tank, gas meter and fuel line if needed. Moreover, the specialist will also scrutinize the furnace, boiler parts, or heat pumps to discern if there is massive corrosion and destruction. And last of all, the professional will have to examine for adequate draft by means of taking advantage of smoke pencils and scrutinize the levels of carbon monoxide.


In the forced air units, the HVAC professional will preserve the blower by means of putting a lubricant on its axle, cleaning the fan blades, vacuum the dirt and dust present in the motor and check to know if the motor of the blower is overloaded. The professional will also examine the fan belts of the blower for fraying of slackness. Once the blower has already been examined, the expert will have to be certain that the ductworks in areas that need to be heated remains correctly sealed and the ductwork in the areas that don’t need to be heated remains appropriately insulated. For the hot water systems, the professionals will have to use up the expansion tank, clean as well as put a lubricant on the pump and take out the air in the radiators.

The Ducts

About 80 percent of the homes in America have huge ductwork that is present in their floors and ceilings generating an effective method to give immediate heating or cooling. But then again, as safe and trouble-free the ductwork unit can be, it can still serve as a vessel for dust and dirt and when amalgamated with a small amount of moisture, it can generate a breeding place for harmful molds and other bacteria. While the air filters do a great job in prevent the dirt and dust from going into the house, they don’t have the ability to collect minute mold particles and other bacteria that can multiply in the air ducts. And in order to prevent health problems from taking place, it is advisable that you employ an HVAC expert to have your units inspected and repaired.
Smart Ideas: Companies Revisited
Getting To The Point – Experts

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The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Experts


Professional Plumbing and Air Conditioner Services

The best thing about being at home is feeling comfortable in your own space. However, there are certain things that can compromise this comfort and peace of mind. Two of the major problems one faces at home are plumbing and heating conditions. Good thing there are ways for you to solve such problems without stressing yourself out at all.

Hiring professional repair services to do the job for you is the only thing you should consider, in fact here are a number of benefits you can gain from them.

Quality of Equipment Used

There are certain tools needed for different kinds of repair, most of which are not found in your home, so if you do not want to add more damage to your plumbing system or air conditioning unit, it is best to call in professional repair services initially. You can be sure that the equipment used to fix your plumbing and air conditioner problems are of great quality, therefore ensuring that your home is not being tampered with for nothing. The equipment used for plumbing are quite expensive and people do not usually have these in their homes, thus prompting the need to call in the professionals if you want your water system fixed in no time.


Most people do not realize the need for hiring professional repair services, until they are stuck with some inexperienced amateur of a repairman where more damage is done than actual repairing. Do not let this happen to you, because you might end up paying more money to the professionals if the amateurs have broken your system more. Professional repair services are reliable in the sense that they have done this for quite some time now, even probably before you were born. When a problem is fixed efficiently, you can be sure to enjoy the newly repaired system in a long time, you can also rest assured that they have fixed the problem thoroughly thus making sure that nothing has been missed or forgotten.


Another great thing about hiring professionals is that you can be sure that they do a clean job with their repairs. No one wants to have a big mess to clean up once all the repair work is done, and professionals are aware of that, that is why they keep their mess at a minimum keeping your place safe and clean even after the job is done.

Therefore if you want to avoid all the stress of having inexperienced repairmen handling your plumbing and air conditioning repairs, it is best to hire experienced professional repair services instead.
A Beginners Guide To Plumbers
Getting Down To Basics with Experts

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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Vacations


Amazon River Cruises: Traveling In Style While Witnessing The Wonders of Nature

Truth be told, passenger ships and cruise ships have a lot in common. But with the cruise ship, you get to travel the world while experience the different beauty of nature. The travelers can benefit from the various amenities offered by the cruise. You also don’t have to worry about transportation since most of the cruises travel on routes and return to their original ports. Amazon River cruise serves as the gateway for ultimate adventure experience. The cruises allows travelers to go through lush and green rainforests. Aside from that, they will able to witness exotic birds and animals in their natural home. There are numerous rainforest cruises offer these in different country categories such as Peru Amazon tours, Brazil Amazon tours, Bolivia Amazon tours and Bolivia Amazon tours. Basically, the trip begins in their corresponding ports in their country.

The best thing about cruises is that there are different travels styles that will make sure travelers will have something that will meet their budget. There are types of trips that include comfort cruises, luxury cruises, budget cruises and historical cruises. These trips vary greatly from each other. The comfort level differs as the costs differs as well.

The Amazon River holds the title of the second longest river worldwide. The river allows the occupants of the cruise to travel to marvelous locations and see the rarest and most exotic animals in their natural homes. This alone helps the entire experience unforgettable and worth while. Since the river has a massive depth and width, going through the river is effortless and easy. It is best to go through the various programs offered by numerous cruises to guarantee that you will make the most out of your trip.

Certainly, the best cruise ships allows travelers to enjoy a wide range of jungle and rainforest tours without fully disturbing the natural habitat. And, at the same time they can enjoy all the pleasurable accommodations and amenities that cruises can offer. People who love natures will surely have fun with the Amazon River since this one of the few locations in the worlds that remained untampered by technology and people. The virgin rainforest is the perfect location for nature lovers. And aside from the regular cruises, there also numerous Amazon rainforest and river cruises that offer ultra-luxurious travels down to cheap and inexpensive travels that will meet everyone’s budget. Experiencing the different marvels and the natural beauty that the Amazon river is great nature lovers and adventure lovers a like and it is something worth planning to do during the summer.
News For This Month: Traveling
6 Facts About Vacations Everyone Thinks Are True

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On Companies: My Experience Explained


What are the Typical Types of HVAC and Plumbing Repairs?

Relapsing plumbing repairs or problems

Sounds childish, but then again, one of the most common problems that customers report about is deafening flushing toilets. You have not considered that toilets have the ability to cause major stress and strain on your business company or house – but it can really be. Unusual noise after flushing, however, can easily be fixed. On the whole, it is first important to know the very reason why the problem took place.

A running toilet is another typical plumbing problem that is experienced in a lot of houses and business companies. This signifies that the water in the toilet is still running incessantly even if the toilet is not in use and this could cause huge wastage of water. So what should be done about this matter? Then the expert will have to fix the malfunctioning flapper.

Nasty smell coming out of the toilet can also be one of the reasons why you should ask for a professional help. On the whole, this will ought the professional plumber to mend the leaky pipe, add more water to the toilet bowl and then fix the out of order wax ring.

Funny odors emitted in the bathtubs can also be a major problem and will require you to ask some help form the plumber specialist. In general, the professionals will repair the leaking or broken trap. Another reasons can be occasional usage of the bathtub. This is because that the trap may become dry.

Typical HVAC Repairs

The heating system failed to give you the kind of warmth you want to experience. And during a cold winter morning, this will certainly a big issue. This can be because of the freezing rain which caused the top portion of the heating unit to freeze, and a fault gutter trickling on the unit or the heating unit itself has sunk into the ground.

And because of this, the heat pump is not able to give you the level of warmth you need. You have set the thermostat to almost 70, but then again, the temperature never exceeds 60. And because of this, the specialist will normally overhaul the heat pump to return it to its usual condition or replace the malfunctioning reverser or compressor valve.

A malfunctioning humidifier. If you notice that the humidifier is not doing its function very well, then this is the time that you call a professional for help. The repair is not that difficult. In addition, the humidifier also needs a good clean for it to function properly and effectively.

Be certain to hire a HVAC and plumbing expert with high reputation.
The Best Advice About Companies I’ve Ever Written
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