Computers I Used To Own


In my long career of being a professional nerd, I’ve had lots of different computers.  Some fast, most slow, all of them very memorable.



TRS-80 from Radio Shack




I’ll upload more pics soon.


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How To Set Up Your Home Wireless Internet


If  there is one questions that all of my friends ask me, it is how to get wireless internet in their home.

Is there an extra charge from my internet provider?

Is it hard?

Is there harmful radiation?

The answer to all of these questions is “No”.  Although some internet providers do add fees to those that don’t understand.  This video explains how to do this pretty well.  I.T. Mommy approved!

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What I Can Teach You About Dentistry


Qualities That Make A Dentist The Best Among The Rest

Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly essential to have a long life. And as a result, several individuals are incorporating proper diet and regular exercise. However, a lot of them take for granted good oral health practices. Whether you believe it or not, dental health is also a part of having a healthy living and in fact, paying a visit to your dentist at least every 6 months is a good practice.

Our mouth as you know is basically a moist mucus membrane and thus, it is not that impossible for bacteria to multiply. If you are not practicing proper dental hygiene, it will cause your mouth to be infected by bacteria. Subsequently, it will lead to some serious health consequences like tooth infection, mouth sores, tonsillitis, canker sores and so forth. This is the very reason why it is crucial to regularly consult a dental practitioner. On the other hand, when choosing a dentist to check your mouth, it may be a quite difficult and confusing process. So, as a regular individual, what you have to do to ensure that you are working with the best dentist in town?

When you are looking for a dentist, among the most important things that must be look is the dentist’s educational background and the hands-on professional experience. A professional dentist is someone who has the required program for dentistry, has certifications to prove his skills and abilities to practice the profession and has passed the licensing examination. In addition to that, it will be preferable if you would check his/her years of professional experience.

The ability to communicate with patients is another great quality that every dentist should have. Being able to explain the procedures and the methods precisely and clearly by just using simple words in a way that patients could understand easily is critical. In addition to that, you have to take into account the way the dentist is explaining the procedure and whether he/she is confident or not. As much as possible, your dentist should respond quickly to the questions you ask.

The last important thing you ought to do is checking the facilities of the clinic. In this instance, it will be a smart move if you’re going to thoroughly observe the machines, instruments and other devices that the dentist is using for the operation. This is crucial criteria that you ought to look because oral area could be sensitive. Be sure that the machines are working properly and that the instruments they are going to make use for the procedure are sterilized and clean to avoid unwanted issues.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Experts
The 10 Best Resources For Experts

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A Quick Overlook of Dentists – Your Cheatsheet


How to Find the Best Dentist for You

A proper hygiene and a dental care is very important for a healthy body. When you have a perfect smile, you will be able to feel a little more confident. Whether you are an old resident in your area, or just moved in, it is very important for you to find a good dentist wherever you are situated in.

Finding a good dentist is not that easy as you thought it is. It is never easy to locate the one who can attend to your specific needs. You might have had an old dentist but is not good enough to attend to your dental care and that is why you are looking for a new one. There are actually different ways for you to be able to locate the right dentist that will suit your needs. It is not surprising that all dentists would claim that they are excellent in their profession, but it sad to say that not all of them were able to prove it. Below are some key factors that will surely lead you to the right dentist that you are looking for.

The web is a good source of information and it is the best place that you can get started with your search. It is good to get help from the city or zip code. You might find difficulty is selecting the right names of the dentist because you will obviously have endless choices in the internet. But there are a lot of ways in order to narrow down your choices and one good way is to search those who are operating in your area. It is also beneficial to determine first if you are looking for a specialist or a practitioner.

Online reviews can also be an advantage for you. Reviews will include the comments of their previous clients. You will soon know whether the dentist is good or bad. However, you need to be sure that you are getting information from a reliable online review.

Another way for you to find the dentist that you ar looking for is to seek recommendations from your family, friends and even your colleagues at work. It would be a lot comfortable to choose a doctor who has already proven his ability to a person that is close to you. However, do make use of this as your last option when you are searching for a doctor.

Of course, you need to consider the reputation of the dentist before deciding that it would gonna be him/her that is perfect for you. It would also help if you know the kind of specialization that the dentist is in. Next, identify your specific dental needs. When both are already checked, you need to know whether the dentist can cater to your needs.

Knowing these tips will surely help you get the right doctor for your dental needs.
The Essential Laws of Experts Explained
The 10 Best Resources For Dentistry

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Case Study: My Experience With Options


How To Deal With Bankruptcy

When you have committed poor financial decision in the past, it can sometimes lead to bankruptcy. This is a decision you need to have that will affect your financial future for the next few years. Because of that, the decision must be made with serious confirmation. The tips below will guide you when you are in a Bankruptcy process.

You will not have more problems when you do the exclude your family members you owe money to before you file your Bankruptcy. The court will check if you have paid your debt year back. When the court notice that you are being unfair because you show favor to your family and not to the creditor, they will invalidate your application.

Many people do not know that under the bankruptcy law student loans are not dischargeable debt. That’s why erase your thinking that your student loan will be discharge because this only happen in extreme case when they are accepted. When the job you have right now from continuing your study cannot let you pay off your debt, you may have the chance but it just small.

You must search for an advice from a debt consultant prior to the application of your bankruptcy. It is not good that you process the Bankruptcy alone without the direction of the financial expert. You will be prevented from having credit in the future when you file for bankruptcy.

It is not ideal to put off bankruptcy forever. It is recommended to file an early bankruptcy than to have problems of debt in many years to come. If you do not know what to do, you can look for a nonprofit agency that can help you in your bankruptcy needs. The expert can help you give advice on when you should file for bankruptcy and to share information of what you expect. These agencies will also give workshops and seminars for you to learn how you can manage your debts.

It does not mean that when file for bankruptcy all debts will be discharged. You will be liable for debts like student loans, owe child and spouse support, a divorce settlement agreement, and unpaid taxes. Aside from that, when you forgot to list specific debts on your court documents, you will not be to add them later on.

See to it that you understand the difference of Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcies. The chapter 7 will remove all of your debts. This means that you will not owe anything against what you file. You are required to pay your debts in chapter 13. The debts should be paid within three to five years.

You also have the option to keep your house. in bankruptcy, it is not always that you won’t keep your house. This is based on the value of your house. You should learn everything that you need to know.
Learning The “Secrets” of Services
Practical and Helpful Tips: Support

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A 10-Point Plan for Jewelry (Without Being Overwhelmed)


Information about Wearing Custom Jewelry

Custom makers are experts that help people to get the jewelry that they want by building them for them. The experts make sure that the pieces of jewelry they assemble are the ones that will work well for you. When you want to get a custom jewelry, it is advisable for you to ensure that you take some things into consideration. You need to ensure that contact reputable and reliable jewelry makers to help you get quality jewelry. Before you decide to work with any custom jewelry, you need to make sure that you know all the periods that the makers will give you are usually approximates. It is important for you to know that delays can be the result of several things.

It is necessary for you to ensure that you consider the communication that exists between you and the custom jewelry. This will make sure that you know the jewelry’s progress. Before hiring any jewelry maker, it is advisable that you know how frequent he or she communicates and the methods he or uses. For you to make sure that you have your jewelry worked on within the required time frame, it is advisable that you consider taking it to the custom maker early. When they want to use their jewelry, some people tend to rush the jewelry to the makers within a short time. If there is an upcoming occasion, you might want to use your jewelry. To make sure that you have the jewelry on time, you need to make sure that you plan early.

When you want to work with a custom jeweler, it is advisable that you identify whether he or she is devoted to every piece that he or she works on. This will ensure that you only work with a maker that will allow you to enjoy quality work. It is important for you to know that a custom jewelry will not be responsible for the incompatible parts when you send the parts to him or her. You need to make sure that you consider the payment method. At the beginning of the services, most jewelry makers require that you pay them a deposit that is half of the cost of the services and they might need you to pay the remaining half after finishing the services.

You should understand that there are things that could delay the time within which the jewelry will be made. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you keep constant communication with the maker to ensure that you know the time that the jewelry might take depending on the various circumstances. When you work with reliable jewelry makers, you will be able to get quality work done in the shortest time.
Finding Similarities Between Jewelry and Life
Study: My Understanding of Jewelry

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Sales – My Most Valuable Advice


What Are The Advantages To Purchasing Custom Jewelry?

Everyone knows that the engagement ring is a highly personal piece of jewelry and so it would be better if you would have it customized according to your style and taste. This is something that you should definitely ponder on — if you were to be given the chance to shop for jewelry pieces that have been customized the effect is that you are now given more power over what you will end up with. And in fact, you should know that of you having to accept a ring that has been pre-made, which is yes, so close to what you have in mind but is not exactly what you really want, you are always presented with the choice to be able to purchase a ring that has been customized according to your liking and so that you would be completely satisfied with it.

What you will be reading below are only some of the major advantages that you will get out of from the shopping of jewelry pieces that have custom designs on them:

Uniqueness – one major factor that has something to do with an engagement ring that has been highly customized is that rest assured you will not be seeing anyone with the same ring on their ring finger. When you have a custom ring made then this means that you will be given the chance to style each and every feature of this jewelry piece from the band up until the precious chosen stone which therefore assures you that it is really one of a kind it will perfectly suit the kind of personality that you have. What you should know about rings that have been self-styled means that you are able to prevent the pieces that are off-the-shelf which are usually found in the local jewelers for the reason that they are aiming a target market which is a wide-audience in order to maximize one’s profits and will give you the opportunity to buy a piece that is different from the usual.

The Decided Design – having to be part of the initial idea up until the piece of jewelry is finished is something that you are assured of and this is actually another great advantage on your part. And well, this will also mean that you will cherish this engagement ring even more not just because of what this certain ring represents to you but because also of the fact that during the entire process, you were a part of it. And the advantage of having a jeweler that is of high quality is that this person usually works with an artisan that you will be able to work with in order to make sure that the design and the final jewelry will pass your standards.
Figuring Out Trends
Interesting Research on Options – What You Didn’t Know

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The Ultimate Guide to Trends


Gold And Other Kinds Of Custom Jewelry

As a matter of fact you should be aware of the fact that you can very easily locate a number of jewelry stores that are offering jewelry pieces that are in huge variety of designs. Rest assured that no matter what part of the country you are currently residing in you will still be able to find a shop that offers jewelry that is custom made and ready made as well for the reason that these shops come in great numbers. Having to choose on a store can become a difficult task as a matter of fact because of the reason that there are so many choices to choose from.

And it cannot be denied that it is definitely true that the jewelry stores that are more huge in size offer a huge variety of items that are ready made but you should know that even the local jewelry stores are just as well full of many benefits.

And what is implicated here is that there is absolutely no need for you to be traveling to faraway places in order for you to be able to finally get those pieces you have always dreamed of or to even consider the idea to even sell gold and other kinds of surplus jewelry items. Try to pay a visit to the local jewelry shop in your area — this is an idea that you should definitely try to consider the next time that you wish to buy an item for yourself or for someone that is so close to your heart.

This is one thing that for sure you are not aware of — the local shops are capable of offering to their clients items that are of higher quality compared to those huge jewelry shops. Another thing that is considered to be an advantage and that is the fact that it is actually more easy on your part to be able to find items that are one of a kind in jewelry shops that are smaller in size for the reason that they offer a huge range of materials that you can select from.

As a matter of fact, a great advantage with these jewelry shops that are smaller in size is the fact that they are more than capable of offering to their clients items that are really one of a kind such as the vintage pieces and heirlooms wherein you will not be able to find such items in other jewelry shops. The difference with jewelry shops that are huge in size is the fact that the target market that they have is a wider range of consumers. Items that have been pre-approved are the only items that these shops are able to sell to their consumers and these items came from their makers that have produced them in mass amounts.

And in addition to that, if you try to compare the service that you can get out of from those shops that are bigger in size compared to those small ones, you will be able to get more out of the latter.
Understanding Fashions
The Beginners Guide To Sales (Chapter 1)

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Where To Start with Options and More


Factors to Consider when Purchasing Custom Jewelry

A good number of individuals that shop online do so with the aim of making massive savings and sticking to their budgets. Furthermore, it does not restrict which type of goods to purchase. This is why it is possible for retailers and individual consumers to purchase their favorite pieces of jewelry online. However, it is crucial to consider a number of things to do it right from the word go.

The first thing would be to ensure you are shopping from the right seller especially if you are ordering online. This stems from the fact that not all sellers are the same. If your intention is to ensure you locate high quality female jewelry then you must be ready to investigate the best shops before spending your money. Remember that not all cheap vendors will be giving you the right value for your money.

Make sure you also consider shopping at a store with a wide a variety of jewelry pieces. This is a crucial aspect for most women because their selections vary as much as their clothes do. For this reason therefore, buyers need to find a shop with a variety of jewelry selection ranging from modern all the way to vintage. The greatest advantage in this case is to save on time that would otherwise be spent shopping for other alternative.

Affordability of the jewelry you want to choose is also key. This is in fact one of the motivating factors to shop online. Custom jewelry shopping online stretches most buyers’ budgets. This calls for you to search for a price friendly vendor selling good quality products.

Quality is one other thing that you cannot afford to compromise especially when it comes to accessories. This is a difficult thing to ascertain especially when shopping online. This is because you have to rely on the vendor’s word and description of products rather than physical evidence. Make sure you find reputable vendors to avoid making mistakes.

A uniquely designed jewelry is more fashionable than one that all people can be seen around with. In most cases custom made jewelry pieces are very conspicuous because of their large proportions. This means that you need to choose a design that speaks for itself without giving the wrong impression.

In conclusion, all vendors offering custom made jewelry can never be the same. This is the reason you must consider all important aspects to you including the services rates, customer service offered as well as the quality of jewelry they will be selling. You can ascertain all these factors by looking at the positive reviews and comments given by satisfied customers.
What You Should Know About Jewelry This Year
The Best Advice About Trends I’ve Ever Written

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Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Trends


Why Most People Prefer Custom Jewelry

A Custom Jewelry is about a jewelry that is personally made as per the buyer’s request and specifications. When talking about prices, these custom jewelries are in fact much cheaper when compared to the pre-made jewelries already available in stores. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper than the pre-made jewelries, there are also other factors that are to be considered and some of these depend on how complicated the design is, how long will it take to get the jewelry completed and the materials being used for the custom jewelry. If all of these things end up being complicated then you should also expect that the price will not be as cheap as it sounds but regardless of what the design and how much the jewelry will cost you to come up with the design, still it will be great to have a personal designed jewelry that is only made for you.

There are actually just so many reasons why people would prefer to have a custom-design jewelry and this is because they wold like to have something that is personally made for them such as “family rings” or some sort. There are a number of these custom-designed jewelries that contains a birth stone to represent the bearer.

Aside from that, other reasons also include that the owner has somehow large boned or small boned and this is usually really hard for the buyer which led them to go to a custom-design jewelry instead. In case that you are also facing this set of problems, then you won’t have to worry no more because you can just ask to have a custom-designed size that will just fit you.

Also people would like to choose to go for custom-jewelry designs is because they would like to give someone a special gift that is personally and only crafted for them as it is true that there is a different feeling knowing that you own a piece that no one has alike.

There are also reasons that not many of you don’t know and this is because people would like to have a durable jewelry and custom-made jewelries are in fact more durable than the pre-made jewelries.

No matter what the reason behind may be on why you went for custom-designs, still, you need to take into consideration that obtaining a piece of jewelry says it all so take care of the jewelry and wear it with caution.
On Fashions: My Experience Explained
If You Read One Article About Sales, Read This One

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Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Seeds


The Uses and Health Benefits of Camelina Oil

Found mostly in the cold and arid climate, camelina sativa is the main source of the camelina oil where it is extracted from its seeds. These three means of extraction result to production of the oil but of different qualities such that for a high quality oil, cold pressed would be appropriate unlike the solvent extraction methods where you will get to produce a lot of oil which contains harmful solvents. The solvent extraction methods guarantees a lot of oil but the oil contains harmful solvents that could harm you while on the other hand the cold pressed oil is the surest way of getting original oil nutrients which are very beneficial to the health of the body.

Also known as wild flax because it usually grew close to the common flax, the camelina sativa originates from Europe where it was used many years back for different purposes. Compared to the other oil generating plants, the camelina stands out to be the best as it contains 45% of the omega-3 fatty acids and a good percentage of antioxidants namely; carotenoids and phosphatides. The uses of the oil include biofuel, cooking oil for deep frying and as nutrition supplement for dogs.

The omega-3 fats contained in the camelina oil is what enables it to be rich nutritional oil for better health care. From health conditions such as dermatitis, asthma, hypertension and even cancer, adding these omega-3 fatty acids in your diet helps prevent these conditions. Part of its nutrients also includes omega-6, 9 and vitamin E which also make it good for margarines and salad oils.

Below are some of the health benefits that come with the use of camelina the first being the health of heart. It mainly caused by rise in levels of blood triglyceride. It works in such a way whereby it helps keep level of blood triglyceride in check.

For those affected by rough and dry skin, the use of camelina is the perfect antidote. Its sensual aroma is usually captivating when applied on the skin and the vitamin E serves to keep the skin moisturize and very smooth too. This leads to a healthier and smooth skin.

The camelina oil also acts as great hair conditioner to retaining a healthier scalp. The oils also take care of your scalp acting as a conditioner just like the olive oil. When massaged on the scalp, its antioxidants in turn protect the hair from being damaged.

Vitamin E contained in Camelina usually boosts the immune system of the body ensuring that the body is well safeguarded from bacteria. For those suffering arthritis, the omega-3 fatty acids help take care of the pain that comes with the disease. The omega-3 fatty acids also do come in handy in lightening extreme pain in arthritis.
If You Read One Article About Farms, Read This One
Why Guides Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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Where To Start with Resources and More


Choose the Best Seeds for Your Landscape

Some homes have very beautiful landscapes. Getting a beautiful landscape requires you to plan well, design your landscape and get the right seeds to plant. The type of plant you choose should fit with your lifestyle. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking to start a landscaping project. For instance, you should determine beforehand the trees, flowers or shrubs you will grow. Read on for tips on the best plant seeds to get for your yard landscaping.

The location of your home

Go for plants that can grow well in the climatic conditions of your area. There are many species of trees and flowers, some of which require specific climatic conditions to thrive. This is the reason why you should know beforehand which types of plants grow well in your area. If you choose the right seedlings, you can be sure of a beautiful landscape when the trees grow.

Choose seedlings that can withstand dry conditions

If the climate in your area is relatively warm, check that the seeds you are buying will not dry quickly. If you want a particular type of plant, ensure the necessary conditions it will require to grow healthily are in place. If you choose wrong seedlings, perhaps they end up drying, you will have lost money and will have to get new seedlings.

Get healthy seedlings

Sometimes, the seeds you plant may be affected by weeds or pests. Therefore, you should be proactive in ensuring your seedlings or plant stay safe before and after planting. Inspect your seeds or seedlings properly to ensure they are not infected by diseases or attacked by pests.

Consider your purpose when selecting seedlings

Keep in mind your goals to find the right seedlings. To get the best seedlings, picture how you would like your landscape to look like after the project is complete. For example, if you want a garden on the yard, you may want specific seedlings. Ensure any seeds or seedlings you buy have been given a clean bill of health by the relevant government ministry.

What kind of care is required for the seeds?

Another thing to consider is the kind of care the seedlings will require after planting. The type of care to be provided will depend on the type of seedling you planted. Find out the exact care steps to take from the seeds retailers where you are buying from. The other option is to search online about the plant and how to take care of it.

Following the tips above will help you get the right seedlings for your landscape. An experienced landscaper can advise you on the types of plants suitable for your yard.
Study: My Understanding of Farms
9 Lessons Learned: Guides

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