Computers I Used To Own


In my long career of being a professional nerd, I’ve had lots of different computers.  Some fast, most slow, all of them very memorable.



TRS-80 from Radio Shack




I’ll upload more pics soon.


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How To Set Up Your Home Wireless Internet


If  there is one questions that all of my friends ask me, it is how to get wireless internet in their home.

Is there an extra charge from my internet provider?

Is it hard?

Is there harmful radiation?

The answer to all of these questions is “No”.  Although some internet providers do add fees to those that don’t understand.  This video explains how to do this pretty well.  I.T. Mommy approved!

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Discovering The Truth About Gloves


A Quick Guide to Buying Gloves

In winter, hand coverings are very important, especially to shield off the cold. But that is not the only reason why you may need gloves. Many people believe that they are good for aesthetics, and why won’t we embrace it too?! The market has a whole lot of gloves that you can find. Some of them are meant for fun, while others for shielding cold, friction or even as a sporting gear.Some gloves are used for the purposes of sporting, working and even cold and fun! There is a wide array of gloves in the market. You will only need to choose depending on the one which you need. You can even go get one for goalkeeping, if you so wish! These are some of the best gloves for sale!

1 Webbed Gloves

You have a desire to swim swiftly, if possible, faster than the fish of the seas, don’t you? And there is a number of similarities between the way the two swim; both fishes and humans. Fishes have fins to pedal their paths. What about human beings? The do not have it! Instead, they have hands that are full of gaped fingers. This means that they are not able to swim as efficiently as the fishes do. It is pedaling that helps a swimmer to move forward. But to make sure that you do it efficiently, all that you will need to do is get intelligent! Webbed gloves makes you have a wider surface area for pedaling. This will see to it that you swim faster.

2 The Running Gloves

This is a gear for all athletes! The running gloves are not only meant for athletes, but also, for all the people who love to keep fit. There are very many people who like running in the morning. And that is a time when the weather is really cruel! It is mostly so cold that it ends up freezing! And while the legs are full in action and totally warm, your hands might be exposed too much to the cold and they might end up freezing. This is definitely not what you want, is it? Thus, you will need to ensure that you have the right material to clothe and keep you warm. A good pair of running gloves will help you exercise without any fear of freezing.

It is very ideal of you to make sure that your hands are protected at all time. You see, as long as you use your hands to work, you will be risking getting bruises. This can be prevented efficiently by the use of working gloves. Also, it will be very easy for you to swim swiftly as long as you have the webbed gloves. This is the paraphernalia you need when you want to beat the word speed records in beating your way in water. And most important of all, with the help of gloves, you will be able to keep warm!
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Gloves
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Options? This May Help

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5 Uses For Supplies


Get The Best Pet Accessories!

Every pet is different, and all of them need specialized care. It is important to make sure you get high quality products that are well designed and suitable to the needs of your pet. Here are some descriptions of various accessories for different pets.

If you have a dog, some of these items will undoubtedly be on your list. Take a look at the incredibly wide selection of dog houses. Your dog will appreciate having its own space outside to curl up in. For aging dogs or small dogs that can’t get up onto a bed or a couch, consider getting dog stairs. Of course, you can’t forget about a leash and collar. You’ll need the collar for the name tag and proof of vaccinations. Leashes come in a variety of lengths and strengths. Make sure that the leash you pick won’t cause problems by being too long or too short for your dog. A harness is a good option for a well-trained dog because it is more comfortable.

Depending on what type of bird you have, you will need different supplies. Generally, the largest size bird cage you can accommodate is the best. Birds need room to stretch their wings and should never feel tightly confined. A wide selection of perches for your bird is also important. A selection of perches in different sizes and textures will keep your bird healthy and happy. You should get a rope perch to maintain your birds balance, hardwood perches with different diameters for gripping, and a rough mineral perch to keep the skin strong and the claws from growing too long.

Proper care of your cat requires a cat carrier. A cat carrier is not just for transportation, but for your cat to sleep in and seek solitude, the same way a dog should have a dog house. Your cat will also benefit by having a cat tower. A cat tower gives your cat something other than the furniture, the curtains, or the refrigerator to climb on top of. Cat towers are carpeted for easy gripping, and are also designed so that the cat can claw at them without damage, rather than claw at your nicest chair. Cat towers usually also come with elevated boxes, giving your cat additional sleeping locations.

If you have a turtle, tortoise, reptile, amphibian, insect, or arachnid, you probably need a terrarium. Because such a wide variety of critters live in terrariums, you will find a diverse selection available. Three important factors to consider are the amount of light, whether you have a dry or wet environment, and how you will need to clean the terrarium.

These are just a few of the items available to pet owners everywhere!Don’t stop with this sampling, take a look at other accessories you might need for your pet.
A 10-Point Plan for Pets (Without Being Overwhelmed)
The Art of Mastering Pets

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Lessons Learned About Products


Accessories For Guys Are Very Popular Items Right Now

Over time, the history of fashion has changed much along a long timeline of various styles and trends. In ancient times clothing was draped over the shoulder to provide plenty of range of motion because men were very active in hunting and fighting which made motion priority. Robes were draped over the left shoulder because most people are not left handed which left the right arm free to move about without any restriction. With different social classes wearing different clothing and accessories, wealthy classes wore the most jewelry. As time went on, clothing and men’s accessories began to adapt into more complex items such as caps, satchels, purses, etc. Throughout the renaissance era things became a little more elaborate with garments advancing to include boots, stockings, fancy belts and plumes, coats, laces, hats and much other decor. As the decades passed, clothing began to turn into trends and fashion dependent on different aspects such as political, social class, occupation, etc. Different clothing could categorize individuals into a subgroup based on what they were wearing.

Looking back at the entire timeline of fashion and accessories, things have truly transformed to a huge degree. Personality can be shown through expression of your accessories that fits certain subgroups. Today, men’s accessories consist of many items: cufflinks, wallets, gloves, hats, watches, etc. It is interesting to look into each type and see the current styles and what is the hottest on the market.

Wallets have different slots for credit cards and cash yet have different folds and spaces depending on needs. There are wallets made from all kinds of materials, leather, rubber, fabric, plastics, depending on personal tastes. These are all categorized into either bifold, trifold, checkbook, and shoulder strap, breast, money clip, travel and wrist wallets.

There are so many types of gifts and accessories to choose from but it always comes down to preference on activities. You can generally get a sporty watch with many features or a nice dress watch for special occasions. Waterproof capabilities are usually associated with watches, timers, chronographs and more. Watches can often be a status symbol and therefore, worn more to show expensive brands to the viewer and make the wearer look very successful.

The most popular categories of men’s accessories are watches, ties, jewelry, but it always varies based per person. However, when it comes to men’s accessories there are many factors in choosing a gift because it entirely depends on the man’s lifestyle. A hunter or working man may love a durable watch and durable clothing while a businessman would best use a classy watch and nice apparel to go with dress clothing.
Why No One Talks About Options Anymore
How I Became An Expert on Products

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Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Supplies


How to Find the Best Accessories and Toys For Your Pet

You are in good company if you and your family consider your pet to be far more than just an animal who lives in your house. Because of this, you surely want the very best for your dog or cat throughout his or her life. Buying great pet accessories and toys is part of helping him or her lead a content, fulfilling life. There are such a wide range of pet accessories in stores and online today, though, that shoppers sometimes struggle to decide which ones they truly want!

The information that is featured in this guide will make it relatively simple for you to locate products that your dog or cat will really love. Remember that every family’s situation is slightly different, though. Therefore, if you find that a particular point doesn’t apply to you, don’t worry about it. The following paragraphs are merely meant to provide you with helpful facts you can use as you shop.

Consider the Personality Traits Your Pet Possesses

Animals truly have personalities all their own; if you’ve ever spent time around a cat or a dog for more than a minute or two, you surely know this. Because of this, some pets are turned toward liking different pet accessories than others. If, for example, you own an older dog that is quite shy, buying him or her a chew toy designed for an energetic puppy might not be a good idea. Instead, think about buying some bones that contain vitamins and nutrients.

In addition, dogs and cats that have lived for quite a few years are typically less destructive than their younger counterparts. Because of this, older animals usually keep fragile plush toys in good condition for longer periods of time. Puppies and kittens generally do better with plastic accessories that are engineered to be used for roughhousing.

Consider What Brands Manufacture Your Preferred Items

In many cases, the most popular brands do produce the very best pet accessories. Ergo, it is a good idea to see which brand made a particular item prior to investing in it for your cat or dog. Sometimes, off-brand products are markedly cheaper than name brand ones; in the end, though, you’ll probably have to replace the cheaper good more frequently, thereby spending more money in the long run.

The most effective way to find out how well different off-brand products are made is to spend some of your free time doing research on the internet. People who write online reviews usually do a good job of explaining pros and cons of various goods.
Questions About Supplies You Must Know the Answers To
Sales Tips for The Average Joe

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A Quick Rundown of Accessories


Perfect Men’s Gift Ideas

Accessorizing has and always will be a powerful way for humans to make an impression on the world around us. We often don’t have time to get to know someone’s personal traits, so we are left to judge them based on their first appearance. To help express your personality and inner qualities, it’s important for you to dress accordingly, and the accessories you adorn yourself with will help express your outer, and inner, identity.

Wearing accessories has often been seen as something feminine. Many women don’t like to leave their house without their jewelry or favorite purse. Although women are given great liberty to accessorize, men aren’t usually granted the same freedom by the society they live in. However, over time, men wearing accessories has become much more of the norm. The most essential gear for guys and their wardrobes are watches, bags, and wallets.

While a watch’s primary purpose is to tell the time, it is often worn as an adorning piece. From expensive gold or silver watches to a simple wrist watch or a sports watch, you have a multitude of time pieces to choose from. What should you get your son as a graduation gift or your husband when he wins a big promotion? There are plenty of nifty technical accessories on the market, but a watch will never go out of fashion.

Men might cringe at the thought of having a bag, but they don’t need to! Whether for travel or the gym, a duffle bag is always a good, manly option. They come in sporty styles as well as more elegant models for maneuvering through airports with greater style. For the businessman, get a briefcase. A briefcase will always be a classic. Messenger bags are growing trendier. Suitable for everyday use, they can be paired with a suit or jeans and a t-shirt.

Wallets remain perhaps the most essential gear for guys. Aside from deciding on material and quality, you’ll need to choose between a bifold wallet and a trifold wallet. Some men prefer a bifold wallet because it only folds once and fits nicely into a back pocket. A trifold wallet is folded twice into three parts and can often fit more items like pictures and coins.

You can use accessories to help compliment your outfit and make a nice first impression.Don’t worry guys; this doesn’t mean you have to start wearing lipstick. You can always stick with a classic staple, like a watch or wallet, or you can try a new kind of bag. Or you could branch out and try something completely different to really express your uniqueness!
On Sales: My Rationale Explained
Why not learn more about Gear?

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If You Think You Get Accessories, Then This Might Change Your Mind


How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Pets

If you’re like a lot of other people, you probably want to get some kind of a pet at some point. A good pet will be able to provide companionship, love, and a way to get out and socialize with other people. Pet ownership has increased quite a lot in recent years, which means that you would be joining quite esteemed company.

If you’re getting a pet, though, you need to be sure you take care of it. In the following post, we’ll take a close look at what sorts of accessories you should buy.

No matter what animal you select to be your pet, it will be important to find accessories that let you keep tabs on its location. In most cases, this is going to be some sort of a collar, since this will fit easily and comfortably around the neck of either your dog or your cat. There are all kinds of ways to go about finding the right collar for your particular pet, especially regarding its personality. You can choose one with bright colors if your pet has a lot of energy, or you can choose to get something a little bit more subdued if you feel it’s appropriate.

You’re also going to want to purchase a wide range of feeding and watering dishes or other devices in order to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your pet well fed and hydrated. Even though it’s perfectly acceptable to choose just a food and water bowl for your pet, there is an increasing market in the kinds of products that will make it easy to maintain your pet’s health and comfort. There are all kinds of devices out there that can automatically dispense either food or water at set intervals or as-needed, which can make it a lot easier to keep your pets on whatever sort of diet you might have in mind.

When it comes to pet ownership, you’re going to be able to get a lot of benefits from choosing effective and nice accessories that will assist you in the keeping of an animal. No matter what sort of animal you choose to own as a pet, there is no question that you’re going to be able to find a wide range of useful accessories that will make it a whole lot easier to enjoy the process of owning an animal. When you take the time to pick out the right kind of resources with which to supply yourself with all of the necessary products to keep your animal happy, you’ll be able to get to enjoying your pet much sooner.
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Pets
What I Can Teach You About Pets

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Learning The Secrets About Sales


Making Sure Your Pet Has Everything they Need

There are many people that really do not feel at home in their house unless there is a pet. Plus, there is a good amount of evidence that the pets we have had had a huge effect on the history of our civilization. Dogs have played a huge role in our ability to settle down and form societies because we used them to guard ourselves as well as our livestock. There are still many different ways that we put dogs to work to help make our lives better. But, the majority of the dogs in this country are just pets that we happen to love a great deal. You want to make sure your dog has everything they need if you want to make sure they are happy. There are many pet accessories you can purchase that are going to help to improve the life of your dog.

When you are interested in getting pet accessories for your dog, you want to focus on the stuff that is really going to improve their life. If your dog is not exercised on a daily basis, they are either going to be very stressed or will gain a lot of weight. There are a lot of pet accessories that will make it easy for you to do this. From a young age you can buy collars and harnesses to teach them the proper way to walk on a leash. Getting them the exercise they need is going to lead to a longer happier life.

You are going to be able to find a lot of pet accessories that will help you to train a new puppy. There are sprays that will teach them the things that in the house that they should not be chewing on. Plus there are plenty of pet accessories that will make it so you can house train them a lot quicker.

When you get a puppy for the first time, you probably want to purchase all of the pet accessories you can find. You are going to be able to find a ton of stuff online that will help you determine what stuff you should actually be buying for your dog. Doing this will make it so you will not waste any of your money, but will still have everything your pet could need.

We love to have a dog as a pet for a variety of reasons. If you keep a dog as a pet, you want to make sure they have everything they could need. There are a lot of pet accessories you can purchase to make them happy.
Doing Accessories The Right Way
What Do You Know About Sales

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A Quick Rundown of Machines


Choosing an Elliptical Machine

There are many different types of elliptical machines on the market. The one that will best fit you will depend on your specific needs. Below are a few things you should think about while shopping for a new elliptical machine.

What are Your Physical Goals?

Most people assume that if a person is buying an elliptical, that they want to lose weight. But that isn’t always true. Losing weight however is the biggest reason that people purchase these machines.

If losing weight is your goal, then you’ll need an elliptical that will offer an great cardio workout. High inclines and high resistance is the combo you need to be looking for.

For others having better mobility is the goal. There are a lot of people who are at their ideal weight but still have other issues such as arthritis, poor circulation and stiff muscles. If you want a machine to help you with flexibility, ease arthritis or to help with circulation, you don’t need a heavy duty machine. You can get a very simple machine that needs no electricity and primarily operates on a pulley system. You won’t work up a sweat but it will improve mobility and circulation.

Building muscles and elliptical machines aren’t usually two things that people connect together but you can get bigger muscles on an elliptical if there is high enough resistance. However not all elliptical can work out the same muscles so you need to be sure the machine you buy is capable of targeting the muscles you want to enlarge. For example, bigger glutes are what a lot of women are interested in. If you want to perk up your glutes for example, you need very high incline along with your high resistance.

Do You Get Bored Easily?

Elliptical machines only work if you use them. There are thousands of abandoned elliptical machines in home gyms, sadly. People have great intentions when they buy them but then they slack off. The number one reason people say they don’t use their elliptical machine is because they find it boring. If you haven’t seen the newer models of elliptical machines you should check them out because they are anything but boring. Many elliptical machines come with monitors that allow you to virtually run different courses. If you’d rather be jogging through the hills of Italy, you can do that. If you’d rather be running through busy urban landscapes, you can do that as well. Some of these programs are really realistic.
Study: My Understanding of Ellipticals
The Essential Laws of Products Explained

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The Best Advice About Programs I’ve Ever Written


Janitorial Management Software- Optimize Your Cleaning Service System

A healthy environment breeds comfort and productivity at work, during leisure time or at home. When you get home you do not want bad odors or unsightly walls or floors. An environment that is fresh and clean stimulates as well as relaxes your senses. You should keep these factors in mind especially if you are in charge of properties. Here you will understand that keeping track of all that is happening is no easy job. You will be responsible for many different aspects regarding cleaning in the facility. Janitorial service software at this point become a necessity.

Where you are in charge of a big facility, be it a large building, a school or university buildings, laboratories or a hotel, Ensuring that every part of that building is serviced and maintained well can be challenging. Also the janitor will be in charge of the inside and sometimes the exterior of the facility. The interior of the building will include; cleaning the hallways, the stairways, the offices and the washrooms just to mention a few. In some cases you may find some maintenance functions on your plate.

You will need a janitorial service software if you wish to prepare adequately for all these tasks. The software will allow you to manage better your staff and also better assign responsibilities and duties. If you choose a good janitorial management software it will give you real time inspection capabilities. The software can assist in a big way as staff can update the system every time work is done hence you always know what work is completed and what isn’t. The janitorial management software helps you use your device of choice as the control center. Whether from a PC or through your phone or tablet.

In the case that you are a cleaning business owner, janitorial service software or the janitorial management software is a must have. Since you will be dealing with many clients, you need a system that ensures that the service is great every time and for each and every customer. Service should also be timely. There are also other aspects of the business that you will need to take into consideration as well such as invoicing, looking for new business among others. Remember that you have to analyze client feedback and learn what can and should be done better.

Regardless of how many aspects you are in charge of, your business still needs to run efficiently. Once you have a janitorial service software, handling this tasks becomes easier. When it comes to assigning duties, all you have to do is use the software to send the task to your workers mobile phones. You will also be able to record and review customer feedback hence you are able to gauge customer satisfaction.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Solutions
A 10-Point Plan for Programs (Without Being Overwhelmed)

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On Preschools: My Experience Explained


Child Care- What to Look for in a Good Child Care Center

Every parent wants assurances that their child or children get the best care possible. Whether it is in the home or not, the best care has to be offered to the child. You as the parent want be sure that no harm will beget your child wherever he or she may be. How a child is growing, mentally, emotionally and physically is also a primary concern. Therefore a daycare center that understands all this, is where you should take your child.

The needs of children are different and dependent on the on the child’s age. It is, therefore, crucial that you do a lot of research on the child care centers you are considering to find out if they fit your child’s needs. As, earlier highlighted in the article, parents have particular concerns about leaving their babies at a daycare center. One of the most common concerns and arguably one the most important is safety.

Parents do not and never gamble with a Child’s safety. There are factors that you look at before making a decision on which day care service you want to use. For starters, the day care should be fully baby proofed. This means that you will not find any power sockets anywhere that the children can access. Stair cases should always be out of reach for all babies and not just those who have recently learnt how to crawl. Others things you should look out for are whether or not a child can access open windows, presence of sharp objects on the floor, if you see any plastic bags around etc. It is relatively easy to know if a center is baby proofed since most allow you to inspect their facilities. You are cautioned against taking your child to a center that won’t allow you to inspect its premises.

Another primary concern for parents also is the development of a child. As you choose the day care center for your baby, you should be able to know confidently that your child will develop in a healthy manner. How the child will be spending the day as well as the curriculum that will be used can give insight on what levels of growth you can expect. You may ask to be told in details the activities your child will participate in, to better know the process. Child care centers may have time slots for afternoon naps, play times, story times etc. All these activities contribute to the all round growth of a child. The day care center you choose should have a facility that allows a child to explore his or her environment through games safely.

The child care center you pick must have a good emergency response plan. The child care center needs to have a sound fire management plan, staff trained in first aid for children etc.

As you make your decision listen to what other parents say in the form of reviews.
3 Camps Tips from Someone With Experience
Smart Ideas: Services Revisited

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