Computers I Used To Own


In my long career of being a professional nerd, I’ve had lots of different computers.  Some fast, most slow, all of them very memorable.



TRS-80 from Radio Shack




I’ll upload more pics soon.


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How To Set Up Your Home Wireless Internet


If  there is one questions that all of my friends ask me, it is how to get wireless internet in their home.

Is there an extra charge from my internet provider?

Is it hard?

Is there harmful radiation?

The answer to all of these questions is “No”.  Although some internet providers do add fees to those that don’t understand.  This video explains how to do this pretty well.  I.T. Mommy approved!

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22 Lessons Learned: Services


Reasons to Hire Lawyers for Drug Lawsuits

Several drug manufacturing companies place profit over safety. Medications available in the market today, have been processed incorrectly and are not safe for human consumption. You have every right to sue drug manufacturers if you suffer injuries from drugs’ consumption; hire a lawyer to help you win your case.

One reason to consider hiring an attorney when suing a drug company is because of the complexity of the legal system. Your best chances of winning a case that involves going against a whole established firm is to work in conjunction with an expert in legal systems. If you are worried about the pricey charges of acquiring a lawyer, you will be pleased to know that majority of them provide consultation for free.

Attorneys have the knowledge and expertise needed for filing court documents properly. Usually, the court will set deadlines for presenting certain documents or motions. If you’ve opted to represent yourself; you will grapple with the deadlines and innumerable rules. A single delay could derail your case, delay a procedure or in worse scenarios, have your case thrown out of court.

The other reason for hiring an attorney is because he has experience in negotiating with the adversary party. You may opt to solve the matter outside court, particularly if the pharmaceutical firm is willing to compensate you for all the damage they’ve caused. However, proceeding to court trials also has a benefit as it exposes the drug manufacturing company; hence others are forewarned.

Indisputably, the pharmaceutical firm will have an attorney, and so should you. Non-lawyers who choose to represent themselves have very few chances of being able to argue the case in their favor. It is advisable to hire an attorney as he has experience and knowledge in legal matters. As they have dealt with similar cases before, they have a solid idea of how your case will play out even before going to court.

Another boon to working with an attorney is that he will serve as your representative during court sessions. Consequently, he will know how to defend you when you’re falsely accused. Sometimes you may not even know that a piece of information was obtained illegally. It is important to have someone represent you, especially if you are still suffering or recovering from the injuries caused by the defective drugs.

Sometimes, it’s more expensive not to hire a lawyer. Make no mistake; employing an expert in any particular field will set you back a few bucks. You may have noticed that you eventually make and save more money than that which you spent employing the expert. For instance, hiring an accountant enables you to keep tabs on your income flow. Similarly, you should hire an attorney when filing a drug lawsuit so as to avoid making mistakes that may, otherwise, cost you a fortune.
A Simple Plan: Services
The Ultimate Guide to Options

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Case Study: My Experience With Options


Using an Invoice Template

Invoices are an indispensable part of a small business’ day-to-day operations. The good news is unlike in the past when making an invoice was a bit tedious, you can now easily use simple invoice templates which are readily available for download online. A free invoice template is great because as a streamlined resource, you now have a ready-made document waiting to be filled out without the usual time and effort needed, giving you more time to do other office and business tasks.

Because an invoice template has been created for the past business transactions, you already are aware that the most relevant information is already placed in the document. The use of these templates ensure that you won’t be missing on the essential information and that everything is covered in the communication.

Where to Find Them?

By simply doing a Google search will give you hundreds of free invoice templates. But the irony is that because of the hundreds, even thousands of available templates, you may find it hard and time consuming to identify which one best suits your needs for an invoice for your small business. Accordingly, we recommend that you put in enough time to look for the best one so that you won’t have a difficult time filling out the information once you start using it.

An Invoice’s Purpose

A small or medium-sized company or business will need to embrace some way of monitoring where the money is going. Through an invoice, you have a surefire and error-proof way to bill your clients for your business services. Likewise, they are crucial in keeping your accounts receivable in order. Most importantly, the invoice is the way your business or company gets paid. Since the invoice serves as a written account of the services offered or products sold, they hand out complete and detailed information about the business transaction between you and your clients.

The use of free printable invoice templates allows you to avoid the usual cash flow problems. It is no secret that a business needs cash on hand in the event that clients fail to pay for the services or products provided. With good invoice templates, you can conveniently look at your bookkeeping and be able to predict or anticipate cash flow problems caused by seasonal changes. Since your invoices are uniformed, you can easily compare information.

The invoice template is so valuable because it helps your business keep uniform records of all the paid transactions while at the same time make it easier to see who among your clients have outstanding balances and past due payments.
The Essential Laws of Templates Explained
The Beginner’s Guide to Templates

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Smart Tips For Uncovering Services


A Guide to Using Invoice Templates

There are surely a number of tables that can be easily used to document financial data and this can easily range from pricing charts, staffing lists and also timetables but most companies nowadays mostly uses invoice template. Invoice template is mostly preferred over other kinds of options because of the fact it can get o be easily downloaded for free on the internet, companies can easily get to use this software so that they can have a really effective company operations. A free invoice template is made as a software to help people in trying to itemize their business details like their operations costs, parts and also labor which can easily help the company to do their operations.

These free invoice template can truly assist companies in showing the quantity, the unit price and also taxable status of certain items and it will also get to automatically download their taxes and would also get to show the total amount that is payable. Trying to obtain their own invoice template will truly help companies in dealing with their small scale business, this is a great way in trying to start their entrepreneurship endeavors in a really successful manner.

A free invoice template is just a rich text format which people can get to edit, it would truly include a really special filed that gets to start with a percent character and they can then put in a table in a document and try to perform certain calculations after. A time logger will get to make a copy of their invoice data and replace information with correct values from the time records, but people need to remember that time logger needs to know the program file that they are trying to use.

To make an invoice, people need to first fill the customer information and enter the invoice amount in the table of their documents and get to save their invoice document, they need to save it as a word template. A free template is made available for people to make invoice and receipts in just a matter of seconds, they can also get to print receipts without stress and get o mail invoices in just a few minutes in order for their clients to know the prices of that they have bought.

using these free invoice templates, people can choose clients, inspect different products, define taxes, learn discounts and also get to itemize different payment options and it is also a very effective billing software for new businesses to use. People can use the internet to look for good free invoice templates, they can search different websites that offer these services to businesses all over the world.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Layouts? This May Help
The 10 Commandments of Services And How Learn More

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Bankruptcy – What to Do and What Not to Do

Most people who file from bankruptcy often err in the process because they don’t quite understand the entire procedure. It is best for a person to do some research of his own when venturing into such territory because such a process has a lot of do with the timing as well as the knowledge of how the actual procedure works. You can take a look at some articles online and visit some pages that will teach you everything you need to know about this particular website. There are different rules and policies concerning this procedure and that is why you need to concentrate on what affects you most which is the local updates regarding it. This is considered a legal process and one has to satisfy certain requirements before he is able to file for one in the first place – best not waste your time just in case you are not credible. It’s not just about getting the education on your own, it’s also about asking help from professionals such as lawyers as well. In order to ensure the best possible results you need to seek consultation from these individuals.

There are several factors which one needs to consider during the consultation. If you want the right answers to your questions then you have to seek out an attorney because these are the only professionals who will be able to give you that. You have to know if your lawyer can give you everything you need as early on in the procedure as possible. The attorney should be excellent in helping you file for the procedure. Financial details are also required for sharing when it comes to this process. When an attorney knows how the situation came to be it will be much easier for him to hasten the filing process. These professionals will be able to help you in more ways than one. Your attorneys should always have your best interests as well. You will set in the right direction from then on.

Your creditors and even your family members don’t get a guaranteed pay off when you file for this process. The code states this very clearly and the rules and policies also show it as well so you really need to think long and hard when it comes to engaging in this venture. The fact remains that if you are not able to pay someone, it’s best not to pay anyone at all. Once the procedure is approved then there will be no need for you to pay your existing debts at all. You will decrease the chances of making careless mistakes once you properly educated yourself on the venture as much as possible. You will not be happy with the results if you make foolish decisions that’s for sure.
Tips – Getting Started & Next Steps
Looking On The Bright Side of Services

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A Quick History of Sales


Why Is Custom Jewelry A Trend?

Custom jewelry is any type of jewelry that are made according to the preferences of the person buying it. Most of the people will assume that the price of the customized jewelries is much more expensive than the displayed and pre made ones but this will depend on the business owner. Custom jewelries with high cost does not have an expensive value for no reason at all, it is only if the buyer is requesting for more expensive materials or it will require a more time consuming process. If something comes out very bright and beautiful, especially if it is all according to what you have been requesting, every cost is worth it.

Every people have their own and different reasons on why they love to have a custom jewelry. It could be some reasons of finding the rarest and most valuable piece of jewelry, the rarer it is means it is more valuable and can be sold or auction at a very high price when in times of need. Almost every people wanted to have a family ring because it is starting to be a trend. Family rings usually is fastened by the birthstone of the customer or the person the ring will be given to, also, it may also include the birthstone of his or her parents birthstone. Just to be different, some might want to include the birthstones of their step parents or excluding someone from his family as well. Even with the exclusion or inclusion of a birthstone, a customized design will still look wonderful.

People with big frame find it hard to find a perfect fit of jewelry so they tend to go for a custom made jewelry. People are either large boned or slam boned so it will be hard for these people to find a proper fit for their finger or neck size. Because of requesting for a customized jewelry, it could ensure a proper fit. Even if the best jewelry you found does not fit to your size, do not worry because you can request for a customized jewelry with the same design but a perfect fit for you.

The value and specialty of the jewelry will multiply if you have it customized, this is the reason for some people who count on jewelry customization. Having a very rare and unique jewelry will boost your self-esteem and confidence and it will certainly lighten your mood. Also, sentimental value is considered in customizing a piece of jewelry. If the sentimental value of a simple engagement ring is very important, how much more if he will engrave both of their names on the ring.
Smart Tips For Finding Sales
3 Lessons Learned: Jewelry

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A Simple Plan For Researching Options


How to Sue a Pharmaceutical Firm- Levaquin Lawsuit Information

Today, the pharmaceutical firms are producing drugs to treat virtually every ailment known to man. The drugs being invented not only save lives but also prolong one’s life. What’s more, these medications enable people to live much better lives. Regrettably, some of the drugs being manufactured are defective. The prime goal of these illegitimate firms is to make profits at the expense of human life. Rather than treat ailments, the drugs cause devastating side effects. When you become a victim of counterfeit medications, you have a right to file a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer.

In simple terms, the product liability claim is brought forward when one is injured or suffers damages because of using a product. Although the magnitude of injury-causing products is extensive, defective product liability lawsuits can be grouped into three classifications. The first is known as a manufacturing defect, where mistakes are made in the course of producing the product. The second category entails design defect, in which case the products are deemed dangerous even when they have been manufactured correctly. Thirdly is the marketing defect that arises when manufacturers fail to warn users of the potential side effects of a product, beforehand.

The medication under consideration is a case of marketing defect. There have been plenty of charges brought forward, by patients who have suffered fatal tendon injuries from using the drug. It is prudent to consult legal advisers, who will help you figure out the exact parties to sue. As a rule of thumb, you ought to include any party involved in the chain of distributing the drug. Therefore, you should include the manufacturing company, distributors, and retailers.

Besides establishing the liable parties, you also need to determine the type and magnitude of damage you suffered. Damage here stands for the amount of money payable to a victim. If you are not working with a lawyer, you should consider consulting a legal representative at this point so as to determine the amount a firm owes you.

Basically, the defective product manufacturing firm will pay you punitive or compensatory damages. The aim of compensatory damages is to restore your health to the state you were in before you used the substandard medication. The compensatory damage covers all instances you have lost or incurred costs such as medical bills, lost income, or profits and damage to property. The reimbursement also covers non-economic losses like pain.

If you file a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company, you will most likely only get a compensatory damage. The punitive damage is provided on occasions where the defendant has acted extremely badly. The objective of a punitive damage is to reprimand a defendant for misconduct. This way, others will be discouraged from engaging in such behavior.
Why People Think Resources Are A Good Idea
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Attorneys – Getting Started & Next Steps


Consulting Wrongful Death Lawyers – The Types of Damages That You Are Entitled To

If you have plans in filing wrongful death lawsuits either now or sometime soon, you should know what exactly are the necessary type of reparations in which you are entitled to. These damages may actually vary from state to state, and a certain amount that which are owed to you and your family can possibly be capped. These types of damages below are some examples in which you may be entitled to, so it is important that you are only to consult with a wrongful death lawyer who really has the experience and is qualified so that you’ll know what are lawfully available to you.

The Monetary Damages

Monetary (also named as “economic”) damages are the type of damages where there are financial contributions or obligations included that would have been otherwise given to the family members only if they had not died. Wrong death lawyers are capable of getting the family some monetary damages. Examples of these monetary or economic damages include the loss of a person’s earnings from their work and their pensions, and some other benefits. The defendant should also be aware that they are responsible for things like the medical expenses that should be attached to the death, funeral expenses, as well as the loss of inheritance.

Considering the Non-Monetary Damages

Non-monetary damages talks about those things that are not tangible yet it would still be of great value for the family of the victim. Whenever the defendant is ordered to actually pay for these non-monetary damages, the judge will typically decide the amount of money that is to be attached to them in the case. Some of these non-monetary damages would include mental anguish as well as the pain and suffering felt by the family who are left behind.

What You Should Know About Punitive Damages

Punitive damages deals with defendants punished for their egregious behaviors which supposedly led to someone’s death, like in drunk driving. There are actually some states that do not use punitive damages for these cases, so you should probably consult with your chosen wrongful death lawyer to check if such option can be applied in your case. If there are government agencies involved in the wrongful death, then there is a great possibility that you do not recover punitive damages. However, some of the states actually allows people to be able to collect the interest available from the damages which started from the time the person died until the time when they are collected.

If you have found yourself to be involved in such case, you probably have to hire or maybe just seek some professional advice from a wrongful death lawyer.
Where To Start with Services and More
On Attorneys: My Experience Explained

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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Services


Use Free Invoice Templates To Make Professional Invoices

A professionally created invoice is a must for businesses to be able to generate the best impression among their clients. The invoice is going to be the last component of the deal, which should register on the mind of your customer. Doesn’t it look nice that you have created a proficiently and impressively designed invoice when closing a deal?

An invoice that is designed skillfully is vital in establishing a strong credibility and integrity to your business, which is prompting customers to settle dues quickly and be encouraged to get your services once again. This as a result, can help your business to have faster growth and expansion. The customer may take longer time in settling the payment and that could seriously take negative impact on your profit when in doubt of the authority of invoice.

You do not have to overwhelm yourself in the job of creating an invoice since you can create one very easily by accessing free invoice template online. It will probably help you to save lots of money and time in the end by finding the right template that suits to the type of industry or business you have.

First, you ought to recognize all the essentials of a well designed template. There are some features that are quite common in the invoices similar to the name and address of the company and the contact details of the customer. In essence, this is describing the type of services offered and even the price agreed in providing them.

Normally, more established and bigger companies are including their logo in invoice and depending on the business’ nature, they might mention the breakdown of services or goods offered and the terms of payment.

It will make it simpler and easier in limiting your options by having a nicely formed idea of what you need. There are some software packages that offer templates but these can be very expensive, which is quite impractical for those who run small business. The good thing is, there are individual templates that can bought online. The internet offers excellent number of tools to do your business and get free invoice templates.

In addition to that, you can also create invoice that contains all features that are essential by using invoice templates offered without charge on. You can get different types of invoices for providing labor or specific goods. Not only that, there are pro-forma invoices that you can get as well.

In soon time, you’re going to discover free templates made using different formats.
Interesting Research on Templates – What You Didn’t Know
What Do You Know About Designs

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Some Things You Should Know Concerning Levaquin Lawsuits

Nowadays there has been the issue that levaquin drug that is mainly an antibiotic, is causing the development of peripheral neuropathy. In fact the many of the lawsuits that have been filed, are due to the failure of the manufacturer to label their drugs, in order to warn people of the likely side effects that comes along when a person consumes the drug. The necessary body had authorized the manufacturer of drug to label it clearly. The main complaint is that the manufacturer of the antibiotics knew their drugs would cause serious nerve damage, though they did not take the initiative to warn the people.

You are advised that if you have any complain levaquin complain to file a lawsuit. This is due to the fact that the drug is said to have the ability to cause painful and potential permanent form of the nerve damage. People were in fact mislead by the manufacturer inaccurate and misleading information. If you have a viable lawsuit it would be great you looked for the most suitable lawyer who will help you find justice. There is normally financial compensation for all those who have suffered various infections, due to the use of this antibiotic. Usually the manufacturers of the levaquin provide people who have complaints with lawyers. The best thing with these lawyers is that they do not charge any fees or will charge you only when you obtain compensation.

The attorneys are committed to ensure that all people who have suffered health complications get viable justice. The best thing with these attorneys is that they offer you with free consultation services to the patients and also claim evaluation. Since there are many cases that have been filed by people nowadays, it would be most suitable you get to search for the most suitable attorney to represent you in your case. Individual lawsuit should be filed by the best attorney. The best thing with the attorney is that they will advise you, if you have a case that is viable or not, hence making sure you do not waste your money. Another significant thing with the attorneys is that they only accept cases of people with severe side effects or even permanent damages.

The attorney have the ability of filing a class action lawsuit, whereby all the peoples case are argued using an individual case. The people will get compensation from the attorney if at all they had similar case as that one filed by the attorney, especially for the case concerning defective drugs.

It is important you do the proper research so that you get the best attorney, who will help you obtain justice and compensation.
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Getting Down To Basics with Resources

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The Beginner’s Guide to Resources


Levaquin Lawsuit Information on Choosing a Lawsuit Attorney

In most cases, when you are sick, what you get as treatment is medication from the clinic or hospital. Also, you can present a prescription at a drug store and you will get the drugs you need. You will follow the same process if you were to buy drugs for bacterial or skin infections, pneumonia or any other illness. As you buy medication everyone’s hope is that the medication is safe for use, and will help treat whatever health issue it is prescribed for. Unfortunately, if you use drugs that the manufacturer advised as healthy, and you fall ill, then you need to contract a lawyer and sue the said manufacturer.

You see, most drug companies are very big and you have tremendous resources hence you taking a lawsuit by yourself will be an uphill battle you cannot win. These requires that you have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the law. Hence, there are factors that you must put into consideration in order to find a good lawyer.

Use a lawyer or a law firm that knows and understands what that particular case entails. You will find that you may not be the only one affected by the bad medicine, hence, the lawyer should be aware of these cases. Therefore, in a case where the drug you take causes peripheral neuropathy, your lawyer should understand the extent of damage this can cause and build a case. They will also know the symptoms and the details of the effects of the medicine. In regards to peripheral neuropathy, you will find that the symptoms include nerve damage which can cause pain, numbness among other complications. In some cases, you may go for a lawyer that is already representing other individuals with the same case to make a collective claim that are sometimes stronger.

You should ensure that you use a lawyer with substantial experience when it come to dealing with such cases. This is because years of experience in researching, preparing and arguing similar cases make it possible for a given attorney to know exactly what to expect, and how to convince the court that drug company is liable for manufacturing, and knowingly or unknowingly distributing a faulty drug in the market. An experienced attorney is better able to argue that it is the responsibility of the pharmaceutical company to ensure that the medicine they sell to the public is safe for use. Also, as mentioned earlier this pharmaceutical companies tend to very powerful; hence, you need a lawyer who will not be intimidated like an experienced legal practitioner.

Also, go for a lawsuit attorney or law firm with the resources necessary to take on such a lawsuit. The monetary, and financial needs of such a case be quite huge hence, you will need a firm that can mobilize such resources. Also, to ensure that your cases gets the attention it deserves, use a company that doesn’t have a lot of other high profile cases.
News For This Month: Resources
6 Facts About Resources Everyone Thinks Are True

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